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Did you know? Apples were first planted in New York in 1647. New York apple growers have been collectively promoting their produce since the 1930s. NYAA is funded by growers.

If you are curious about New York State apples and NYAA, you are in the right place.

About The New York Apple Association

Learn more about our association’s history, our modern purpose, and how we are funded and governed.

NYAA Staff

Meet/contact the hard working NYAA staff, headquartered near Rochester in Fishers.

NY Apple Industry Facts

Where do all those great New York State apples come from, and where they go? Learn these and other interesting facts about our industry.

Apple FAQs

Got an apple question? We’ve got answers!

Fun Apple Facts

Catch the lighter side of apples with these fun facts from history, health and science, the orchard and your kitchen. 

About NY Apple Products

Almost half of the apples we grow here in New York State are processed into apple products. Our apples are some of the most versatile foods on the planet!