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Other Apple Products

In addition to cider, juice and sauce, New York state apples are also processed into:

  • Fresh-cut apple slices and dices: Our slices appear in consumer packages that are sold at retail; the foodservice industry also sells them as a side dish or uses them as a menu ingredient.
  • Frozen slices: Our fresh apple slices are quick frozen for use by bakers to be incorporated into their apple dishes, from your local pie-making bakery to large frozen food producers.
  • Apple butter: This delicious, dark brown delicacy is made by cooking down the fruit until it thickens, rather than adding pectin or another gelling agent.
  • Pie filling: Our slices appear in some of your favorite grocery-store canned pie fillings – which are a versatile ingredient for more than just pies!
  • Apple cider vinegar: With its special sweet apple zing, apple cider vinegar makes for great dressings and sauces. (Long considered a home remedy for many health ailments, alas research hasn’t backed up those claims.)