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New York Apple Association's History

  • 1935: Eastern New York apple growers join forces with New England growers to found the New York/New England Apple Institute (NYNEAI). The institute’s mission is to promote consumption of fresh-market apples. Membership is voluntary.
  • 1950: The Western New York Apple Growers Association (WNYAGA) is formed by growers to promote apples from that region. Membership in this group is also voluntary.
  • 1959: New York State apple growers vote to create the first mandatory state Apple Marketing Order (AMO).
  • 1994: NYNEAI dissolves. Eastern New York growers and WNYAGA unite to create the New York Apple Association (NYAA).

About the Apple Marketing Order

  • Since 1959, a majority of New York State apple growers have agreed to pay an assessment to promote New York state apples and apple products, provide grower communications, and conduct consumer research.
  • Assessments are collected by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM).
  • Since 1994, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM) has contracted with NYAA to expend AMO funds on the industry’s behalf.
  • The Commissioner of Agriculture appoints an AMO advisory board consisting of state apple growers, packers, and storage operators to advise NYSDAM on how to contract AMO funds each year.
  • Growers have a chance to reaffirm the AMO at least every eight years.
  • Read more about the AMO on NYSDAM’s website.

NYAA’s Purpose

NYAA manages a range of AMO programs to support the New York apple industry, including:

  • Promoting demand for New York State-produced and –packed apples and apple products, through promotional and educational work with retailers, handlers, consumers, processors, and others.
  • Representing our members’ point of view to buyers, the public, and state and federal legislative and regulatory entities.
  • Coordinating and performing agricultural and market research activities.
  • Cooperating with similar associations or agencies in performing any of the above purposes, and any and all things that affect the mutual interests of the New York State apple industry.

NYAA Governance

NYAA’s Board of Directors is made up of 15 growers who represent six growing regions across the state. Directors are elected to three-year terms by growers in their district, and can serve two terms. A list of our current board members is available upon request from NYAA.