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Apple Personalities
Apple Personality

The apple variety you love best says something about your personality. Here are some favorite New York state apple varieties, and the personality traits connected to them.



You are adventurous and daring. You like surprises, and you are willing to “go out on a limb” to try new things.

Red Delicious

You are traditional and loyal. If you like something, you stick with it. You have a bushel of friends.


You like life to be spicy and romantic. You have a deep passion for whatever you undertake. You have real sex a-peel!


You are easy going and like to have fun. You keep things light and love a laugh. Life with you is a barrel of apples!

Golden Delicious

You are always bright and sunny. A joy to be around. Your friends consider you a blue-ribbon winner.


You like to shake things up. You like people, and you always enjoy a good party. You are not one to sit on the cider-lines, you like to be where the action is.


You are smooth and approachable. You are confident and take on new situations with ease. You are outstanding in your field.

Paula Red

You are always ready for anything. You are not afraid of failure and are very hard working. You never “fritter” away an opportunity.


You are down to earth and “rooted”. Life with you is like mulled cider on a cold winter’s day.


You are as sweet as pie. You are always willing to help a friend. You have a warm heart.


You are sharp and fun. You are to the point and don’t like to hang around.


You are sweet as honey and hard working. No job is too big or small for you. You can juggle any schedule and always keep all the apples in the air.