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By Linda Quinn, MS, RD, CDN

Ever wonder why apple growers seem to have beautiful wives and so many children? There has always been a hint of jealousy from dairymen and vegetable growers. Whether at a field day or fair, countless folks have noticed this trend. Now Italian researchers have shed light on what apple growers have known for decades: Eating apples makes women more amorous!

Throughout history, there has always been a mystique about the "powers" of apples. Since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, apples have been a symbol of temptation. The ancient Greeks considered apples to be an aphrodisiac. In fact, Greek men would throw an apple at the woman who was the "apple of his eye"; if she caught the apple, it was considered an engagement ring and they would soon marry.

Apples have also been used in love spells in many cultures. According to food writer Amy Reilly, "What pretty girl could ever pass up a shiny, lipstick red, orchard-fresh fruit of the gods?"

Now research reveals that there is actually science to back up all this conjecture. "Apple consumption is related to better sexual quality of life in young women," Italian researchers have reported in Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics (July 2014, volume 290, Issue 1, pp 93-98). Researchers surveyed 731 women aged 18 to 43.

What did they find? Women who ate more apples reported being more... well, let's just call it "satisfied".

The researchers noted that apples contain high quantities of polyphenols and other antioxidants, which have been previously linked to women's sexual health. Apples also contain phloridzin, which is similar in structure to the female sex hormone estradiol.

"We have long known that eating natural and delicious apples can benefit our health in many ways," said Quinn. "Now we know that apples may help women enjoy their lives more fully. "

We tried to contact several apple growers for this story and were met with "No comment". One grower we finally cornered smiled, shrugged his shoulders and simply said, "Happy wife, happy life."

(To learn more about this study, read the research paper's free abstract here.)