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Apples are one of the few foods that you should be eating more, not less – for your better health, and healthier weight.

Apples can help control your weight…

If you are losing the battle of the bulge, we have a plan that just might tip the scales in your favor: eat an apple before each meal.

Yes, it really is that simple. And research involving real, live humans has shown it.

Bottom line: Eating an apple before each meal isn’t some crazy fad diet that leaves you feeling hungry – it is a ‘”lose weight, feel great and improve your overall health” diet.

How exactly do apples aid weight loss? Research conducted by Dr. Barbara Rolls at Pennsylvania State University shows that eating foods that are high in fiber and water and low in calroies can lead to successful weight loss.  Apples have all three!

Eating more apples is easy! Check out our Easy Apple Eating Tips.

… And can keep the doctor away, too.

Apples are healthy both for what they have (such as fiber), and what they don’t have (no fat, etc.). Click on a nutrient to learn more: