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Apple Varieties

Other Apple Country® Apples for you to Enjoy!

New York apple farms produce the greatest variety of apples in the United States. Some of these apples are seasonally available in the late summer and fall in your supermarket. Others can be found only at your favorite roadside market (marked below with an asterisk*).

Acey Mac Sweet Eat Oct. - June
Best Use
Baldwin* Tart Eat, Sauce, Bake, Pie Oct. - April
Fortune Sweet - tart Eat, Sauce, Pie Sept. - April
Golden Russet* Sweet Eat, Salad, Sauce, Pie Oct. - Dec.
Golden Supreme* Sweet Eat, Salad, Sauce Sept. - April
Jonamac Sweet - tart Eat, Sauce Sept. - Nov.
Jonathan Tart Eat, Salad, Sauce, Pie Sept. - April.
Lady* Sweet Eat, Decorative Nov. - Dec.
Liberty* Sweet Eat Sept. - Dec.
Lodi* Tart Sauce, Pie July - Sept.
Monroe* Tart - sweet Eat, Salad, Sauce, Bake Oct. - Dec.
Newtown Pippin* Sweet Eat, Salad, Bake Oct. - Dec.
Northern Spy Tart Eat, Sauce, Bake, Pie, Freeze Oct. - Dec.
Pound Sweet* Sweet Bake October
R.I. Greening* Tart Sauce, Pie, Bake Oct. - Feb.
Spigold* Sweet Eat, Pie Oct. - Nov.
Stayman/Winesap* Sweet Eat, Salad, Sauce, Bake, Pie Oct. - April
Tydeman Sweet Eat Aug. - Sept.
Yellow Transparent* Tart Pie July - Sept.
Zestar!® Sweet - tart Eating, Cooking Late August

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