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Apple Varieties of New York State

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Great-looking fried apple slices, sitting next to a pork chop, are probably Romes. These superb apples retain their shape and tart flavor beautifully when cooked. This old-time variety originated in Ohio in 1816 but is widely grown in New York State.

  • Mildly tart
  • Firm, greenish white flesh
Best Uses
  • Excellent for sauces, baking and pies
  • Good for salads and freezing
Special Hint
  • Combine Romes with a sweet apple, such as Golden Delicious, for a nicely tart’n’ tasty blended applesauce.
  • Late October through September

Even More NY Apple Varieties

Wait: there are more! The apple varieties on this chart may not be widely available, but all are grown annually in New York State. If you are interested, discover a grower/farm market that produces each of these varieties – and others – on our locator maps.
Apple VarietyFlavor ProfileBest UsesAvailability
Baldwin* Tart Eat, Sauce, Bake, Pie Oct. - April
Golden Russet* Sweet Eat, Salad, Sauce, Pie Oct. - Dec.
Golden Supreme* Sweet Eat, Salad, Sauce Sept. - April
Jonathan Tart Eat, Salad, Sauce, Pie Sept. - April
Lady* Sweet Eat, Decorative Nov. - Dec.
Liberty* Sweet Eat Sept. - Dec.
Lodi* Tart Sauce, Pie July - Sept.
Monroe* Tart - sweet Eat, Salad, Sauce, Bake Oct. - Dec.
Newtown Pippin* Sweet Eat, Salad, Bake Oct. - Dec.
Northern Spy Tart Eat, Sauce, Bake, Pie, Freeze Oct. - Dec.
Pound Sweet* Sweet Bake October
Rhode Island Greening* Tart Sauce, Pie, Bake Oct. - Feb.
Spigold* Sweet Eat, Pie Oct. - Nov.
Stayman/Winesap* Sweet Eat, Salad, Sauce, Bake, Pie Oct. - April
Tydeman Sweet Eat Aug. - Sept.
Yellow Transparent* Tart Pie July - Sept.

* These can only be found at farm markets and roadside stands, not in grocery stores.